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A rigorous system incorporating trusted know-how and scientific approach to cleaning practices and product offerings together with experts affiliated to WHO & certified agencies advise and assist us in enhancing highest cleaning and strict disinfection protocols.

Our hotels will build upon the already high standards of housekeeping and hygiene with hospital-grade cleaning products and upgraded protocols. Our top priority is to provide our guests with assurance and peace of mind when they stay at our hotels. The initiative will create a focus on cleanliness that will be visible to guests at all and each stage.

We have been prepared to meet evolving consumer expectations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Guests have heightened concerns regarding hygiene on their journey, and trust in cleanliness standards will be critical to restarting travel.

Our first priority has always been the service and safety of our guests and we build on the best practices and protocols we’ve developed over the last months, allowing our guests to rest easy with us and focus on enjoying the unforgettable experiences we have to offer – while protecting our employees who are on the front line.

Experts in hygiene and disinfection will support awareness, training and education, product delivery and most probably provide disinfection systems.
We protect our guests, today and in the days ahead as we all look forward to new ways of returning to leisure and vacation. We are excited to be working on detailed protocols to realize a high protection program for the safety of our guests.

Health and safety policy details for the program will be announced soon for each hotel and will include:

  • An extra measure of assurance by placing a room seal on doors to indicate to guests that their room has not been accessed since being thoroughly cleaned.
  • An extra disinfection procedure after housekeeping of the most frequently touched guests room areas – light switches, door handles, thermostats etc., while we take away from the room all unnecessary items.
  • A serious increase in the frequency of cleaning public areas.
  • A complete contact free check-in process before arrival.
  • Necessary addition of new technologies, like electrostatic sprayers – which use an electrostatically charged disinfecting mist – and ultraviolet light to sanitize surfaces and objects.
  • Personal protective equipment and enhanced training designed to protect the well-being of our staff while continuing to deliver our warm, friendly, personalized and exceptional hospitality.

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