Take your yoga class in Peloponnese. Feel the vibes of the great ancient venues, the sunny vineyards and the great Mediterranean beaches.

Experience the Yoga retreat vacation in Peloponnese. Yoga Vacation in Greece is a perfect choice. Summer Yoga vacation in Peloponnese is a lifetime experience.

Summer Yoga vacation in Peloponnese

  • Yoga Seminars
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Hatha & Ashtanga
  • Food for yogists from the rich nature of Greece
  • Culinary & food courses in Peloponnese
  • Wine tasting & traditional cuisine of Greece

A 5 day-4 night program includes:

  • Yoga – sessions daily
  • Steam Bath
  • 4-hand Massages
  • Breakfasts/brunches and dinner
  • Greek Healing Herbs. Choose the best of the Greek Herbs and vegetables for your detox, rejuvenating, anti-aging treatments.