The journey from Xylokastro to Epidaurus will take your mind. It passes through and by top archeological places, such as Anc. Corinth, Asklepion of Anc. Corinth, Anc. Nemea, Mycenae, Nafplion, the impressive Anc. Theater of Epidaurus, where Athens Festival take place and further down the new theater of Epidaurus and other important archeological sites, more or less famous inviting you to discover them: Ancient Sikyon, Anc. Port of Lecheon, Isthmia, Anc. Port of Kechrees, and the Acropolis of Agros… an enormous archeological park with top archaeological places on a golden green background. The choice relies on you.

Located on the northeastern side of Peloponnese, in the region of Argolis, Epidaurus Greece is mostly famous for its Ancient Theatre. This theatre was constructed in the late 4th century BC to host religious ceremonial events in honor of god Asclepius, whose healing center was located a few steps away. Famous for its symmetry and the incredible acoustics, this classical theatre is surrounded by lush greenery and gives nice view to the valley below. In summer, it hosts performances of ancient Greek drama. Many daily tours depart from Athens to Epidaurus and other places of Argolis. Visitors can also enjoy individual holidays in Epidaurus, in the close village.
Epidaurus is an area of mainland Greece which is found at the Peloponnese region. The most important sight in Epidaurus Greece is the Ancient Theatre. Apart from the symmetry of this structure, the theater is unique because of its excellent state of conservation, which allows it to be still in working order. Another distinctive detail about this construction is the perfect acoustics. If you drop a pin on the stage, it will be heard even if you’re sitting at the last seats of the theater.
In summer, this theatre hosts performances of ancient Greek drama. A few steps from the Ancient Theatre is the Sanctuary of Asklepios, a very popular healing center in the antiquity. The Archaeological Museum hosts many interesting exhibits from excavations on this site. Most visitors go to Epidaurus Greece for a day tour from Xylokastro.