The journey from Xylokastro to Nafplion will take your mind. It passes through and by top archeological places, such as Anc. Corinth, Asklepion of Anc. Corinth, Anc. Nemea, Mycenae, the impressive Anc. Theater of Epidaurus, where Athens Festival take place and further down the new theater of Epidaurus and other important archeological sites, more or less famous inviting you to discover them: Ancient Sikyon, Anc. Port of Lecheon, Isthmia, Anc. Port of Kechrees, and the Acropolis of Agros… an enormous archeological park with top archaeological places on a golden green background. The choice relies on you.

]Nafplion is among the most beautiful towns in mainland Greece. Only 1 hour 15′ drive from Xylokastro, Nafplion town has an intense Medieval atmosphere. A walk around the narrow paved streets of the Old Town is like a trip to the past. On top of a hill above Nafplion, there is the strong fortress of Palamidi with an amazing view of the sea. At the entrance of the port, there is a small islet with a fortress that used to protect the town from naval attacks. Nafplion Greece is a popular destination all year round.