6 Day Wine Tasting and Culinary Holiday in Xylokastron, Peloponnese

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This holiday takes you to the sunny vineyards of Peloponnese. Follow the wine roads, walk around the mythical regions of Hercules, meet the famous wine makers of the area, and taste great wines. Be part of a unique wine ritual in Nemea and the surrounding areas of Peloponnese.


  • Taste great wines
  • Enjoy relaxing spa treatments
  • Get to know the local traditional gastronomy
  • Visit the Athens Acropolis and ancient Olympia
  • Daily delicious breakfast and dinner
  • Walk through colorful vineyards
  • 5 nights accommodation


This holiday will take place in Xylokastron, Peloponnese, Greece. Xylokastron is a picturesque little town lying on the shores of the Corinthian Gulf riviera, right in the middle of the ancient wonders of Byzantine and modern Greece. Corinthos, Epidaurus, Nemea, Mycenae, Nafplion, Delphi, Lepanto, Patras, and Olympia are all at a similar distance from one another, which is ideal for a day trip full of sun, sea, and beauty.

The name of Corinthos has remained the same for the last 5000 years, indicating the very same area of kings, philosophers, and apostles who left their marks on monuments (Mycenae), sports (Olympia), and on culture (Epidaurus). They say that touring Greece, these are the things that strike you most. Even more so, it is a privilege to stand where Asclepius and Hippocrates used to heal their patients, where Periandros transformed philosophy into state, where the apostle Paul preached.

During your stay, you will be offered daily breakfast and dinner. Selected products and great wines, after wine tours in the legendary area of Nemea and the sunny Mediterranean nature of Peloponnese, will enrich your taste and memory of this unique place. Carefully combined local ingedients of superior quality will be used to prepare traditional and inspired dishes.

Fresh or dried branded black Corinthian raisins, grapes, seasonal fruits, juicy sparkling yellow lemons, oranges, summer apricots and peaches, sweet organic figs, ripe purple plums are turned into marmelades, marinates, and sauces perfectly accompanied with precious healing and aromatic herbs. All these products come daily from small local organic farms, inspiring and motivating the cooks  to offer you superior quality food prepared with love and passion.

What’s included

  • Wine spa treatments
  • Wine tasting and Mediterranean cuisine
  • Seminars for introduction to Greek wines
  • Grape-picking (available only during the picking season)
  • Mushroom hunting and picking (available only during the picking season)
  • Visit olive mills of the area and oil tasting
  • Greek healing herbs courses
  • Olive soap making courses
  • Daily breakfast and four-course dinner
  • 5 nights accommodation
  • Welcome drinks
  • Free bicycles