Xylokastro is a beautiful seaside town in the heart of Corinthian Riviera and in the center of famous and iconic archeological venues and breathtaking nature. Xylokastro honors its guests and those who visit the important archeological sites of the area with unique services, activities, cultural and seasonal events for all seasons.


Three beautiful villages perched on the northeastern slopes of Ziria, at 1,000 m. Altitude. The Upper, Middle and Lower Trikala Corinthia, favorite destination of excursionists weekend with a remarkable tourist infrastructure that continuously improves, they get on well on the tourist map of the region, as in the interwar years when the good Athenian society to appreciate particularly the wholesome air. Trees, oak, walnut and chestnut trees form a natural colorful puzzle between the houses, the sound of running water accompanies you all day and panoramic views of the Corinthian Gulf your cheer. It is the most popular base for trips in Ziria, although in recent years new investments in erstwhile mountain of lovers give and take.
From the Root and Karia until Goura Feneos and Panorama, will hardly find more village without hostel. The region of Ziria ideal for 4×4 excursions, hiking and ski mountaineering.